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That what she touches turns to gold. The success was all the more impressive considering Furler has long shunned offers of a major record deal. Deerhoof and Elephant Man? Tricky and Michael Jackson? A and Thom Yorke? Vegas, Elephant Man. A personally selecting South Rakkas to open her N. Together the singers take low-hanging fruit and make something complex from it. She invites them to see things her way. Full review here. DJ Shadow , or Josh Davis, burst onto the scene at the ripe old age of Keeping himself busy, he released several mix CDs and contributed to various compilations along the way, not to mention founding labels Solesides and Quannum.

Shadow has always been one of those polarising artists; some call him a genius, some think his self-obsessed excursions into the experimental are his way of trying to stay relevant. In the same way Frank Zappa can be good in small doses and the lunatic on the street is funny for a meet and greet, the full 47 minutes of this album becomes a bit wearing. Get ready to dance, and smile; or, more likely, dance while smiling. Full article here. Inspired, MacManus undertook additional studies in radio and started gaining experience behind the scenes at the BBC, while also presenting on student radio networks.

Check out last years awesome party with the video below. Now if you will be heading down to the Harbour this year, check out the link right here to grab a good vantage point to watch the fireworks and the rest of the show! Watch Sydney light up for the party of the year! Learn about the history of this iconic event and some of the new and exciting changes this year. To help you plan ahead:. Look out for your mates. Plan a meeting place in case you get separated on the night as mobile phone networks can be congested.

Glass bottles and containers are not permitted and bag checks are a condition of entry to all managed access sites. Universes feat. Lazerbeam feat. Infinity's Silence Relapse feat. Sam Nafie Age Of Enlightenment Light Cycles Prelude Concord Dawn released their debut album in , reaching massive success worldwide. Following this they started working on their third album: Uprising. Uprising was released in New Zealand in September and reached gold sales status in three months, going on to eventually reach platinum sales in New Zealand.

Concord Dawn have become established internationally and their catalogue is distributed worldwide. Concord Dawns live sets are well regarded as encompassing the full spectrum of drum and bass music, and this has seen constant tours and performances in Europe, Russia, Australasia, Asia and North America since the turn of the century. Established as a DJ for over 15 years, Heist started producing tracks 12 years ago.

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Expertly balancing a long line of ambitious production projects with his first love of DJing, Heist continues to play out across the UK and Europe, America and Australia to an ever-increasing fan base. Heist - Whats Wrong - Dubplate 4. Heist - Head Clinic - Calypso Forthcoming 5. Heist - Manimal - Dubplate 6. Heist - Trip Wire - Dubplate 8. Heist - Verdict special mix - Dubplate 9. Heist - Filth Bag - Dubplate Heist - Feel the Power - Dubplate Heist - Ghouls n Ghosts - Killabytes Heist - Pest Control - Dubplate Heist - Suckers - Co Lab Forthcoming Heist - Paper Business - Dubplate TC - Do You Rock?

Heist Remix - Dubplate Heist - Arcade - Dubplate. His tracks have been appearing all over YouTube and SoundCloud recently and they all have the same touch of being incredibly melodic and cinematic in their sound. Rameses B's music is now available on several record labels and his featured release is the brilliant "Pegasus" now available on iTunes.

Rameses B - Goddess 2. Rameses B - Galactic 3. Veela Rameses B Remix 4. Rameses B - Tumble 5. Rameses B - Memoirs Keeno Remix 6. Rameses B - Open Your Eyes ft. Rachel Hirons 7. Rameses B - Visionary 8. Rameses B - Revival 9. Rameses B - 2Nite Rameses B - Levels Bootleg Rameses B - Drift Away ft. Veela Rameses B - Letting Go ft. Amelia Rose Rameses B - Beyond Rameses B - Sosltice Rameses B - Memoirs Cinematic Version. Comprising of Josh White, Matt Lowe on production, and Jeff Crake on vocals, Hybrid Minds represent a new musical force, with their melodic, soulful Drum and Bass already making waves across the globe.

A synergy between influences including trip-hip, acoustic, soul and jazz, Hybrid Minds, consisting of Sensa, Haste and Grimm, draw on a myriad of influences to produce the smooth sound they are known for. Josh and Matt had worked with one another for a few years running record labels before deciding to put their drive into music making. That search ended in the discovery of Grimm, a vocalist and drum and bass producer from Canada, thus Hybrid Minds was formed.

P Hybrid Minds - Halcyon. Now, with huge momentum of several highly acclaimed releases behind them, Fourward have co-signed exclusively to Shimon's AudioPorn Records and DisasZt's Mainframe Recordings, and enter their most exciting chapter to date. Featuring a world famous roster of accomplished veterans alongside fresh new talent, AudioPorn and Mainframe are the perfect fit for Fourward's fresh, unique style and creative flair.

Fourward - Rave Audioporn Fourward - Talk 2 Me Dub Fourward - Gone feat. Katie's Ambition Audioporn Fourward - White Noise Down Fokuz Fourward - Chase Your Mind Audioporn Mefjus - Bilateral Trust in Music Fourward - Steady State Audioporn Fourward - Simple Citrus Metrik - Drift Viper Fourward - All that matters Audioporn Fourward - Amigo Citrus Panda proudly presents Livewire in the mix. Let me know what you think and don't forget to subscribe. I'm at 95, subscribers now, just weeks until I hit , thanks to each and everyone of you!

Dimension - Detroit ft. Cyantific Cyantific Music 2. Nitri - Galaxy Density Records Dub 3. Metrik - Freefall ft. Reija Lee Viper Recordings Dub 4. Livewire - Wrong Turn Dub 7. Ravager - F. Q Dub 9. Dioptrics - Error Density Records Dub Dexcell - Assimilate The Mind Dub Livewire - Deadbeat Density Records Dub Cat Knight Viper Recordings Metrik - Drift Viper Recordings Dub Panda presents L Plus in the mix. We are no longer just hearing the typical techy eastern drum and bass sound pioneered by names like Paul B.

In fact, artists from the same region have evolved that sound into something much brighter and more accessible. One of those artists is L Plus. He started producing in and released his first promo in the same year. Getting picked up by Futurebound's Viper Recordings in was his breakthrough as this release was immediately featured on Andy C's Nightlife 4 mix compilation turning a simple release into huge mainstream exposure. With many more releases later, Drumsound and Bassline Smith picked up L Plus and signed him for an exclusive deal to their Technique Recordings Now releasing his aptly called "Amazing EP" on Technique Recordings, he brings us a full-length mix of his and friends' best tracks.

Tune in and thumb it! We're at 92, subscribers now, just months until we hit , thanks to you. If you like what I am doing with the show, you can support me by subscribing and telling your friends about my channel too! Rikki Morris. Panda presents Xilent in the mix. This young Polish producer from Warsaw is one of the freshest names in Drum and Bass music right now.

As we all know, producers these days are getting younger and younger and Xilent is no exception: he started producing at the tender age of eight years old! Yeah, it makes me sad too. How can you compete with people starting at eight? Going through several phases in music of house, acid techno and trance, Xilent finally hit Drum and Bass, and luckily for us stayed there.

The year started off well for Xilent, with his remix of Sub Focus' Out The Blue hitting the airwaves and smashing up clubs around the world. Xilent is definitely here to stay and is set to be the year of his breakthrough. I'll be hitting , subscribers soon Thanks guise : Tell your friends and help me to K! Panda presents Mediks. The Drum and Bass trio hailing from Bristol have just been signed to Shimon's legendary Audioporn Records and are here to present their debut release. It is out now on Audioporn featuring the title track "Outbreak" as well as the fast-paced "Nightmare", soulful "Blown Away" and rowdy "Doomsday".

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Shimon - Tides Mediks Ft. Astronaut - Blown Away. Panda presents DJ Oder. The Portugal-based bass music producer began in the hiphop scene in Being exposed to Drum and Bass and Dubstep, he switched to solely making bass music in A year later he was signed by Steve Aoki on his legendary Dim Mak records. Time to have him in the mix! Panda presents Moving Fusion.

The legendary drum and bass duo has been active for over 15 years and most of us know them well from their strong affiliation with Andy C's Ram Records label. Taking a break as a duo in , Jeff continued producing as Moving Fusion, while Dan continued under the guise of Sparkfunk. Now, moving into , the reformed duo release their first single on Viper Recordings, 'Attention', backed with 'Mystery Stranger' and 'Tear Your Soul'. Rene LaVice is one of Ram Records' latest singings.

Hailing from Toronto, Canada, Rene has assembled an impressive discography on many major drum and bass labels. His music has a deep sound taking the classic Metalheadz vibes right into Hailing from Toronto, Canada, the young boardsman has already assembled a very impressive body of work in a relatively short time. Subsequent singles, collaborations and remix projects like "Save Me" and "Photograph" caught the attention of labels from across North America and Europe and it wasn't long before they came knocking in search of fresh new music.


His work with veteran producer Gremlinz led to a release on Bad Concept Records, while the legendary John Rolodex quickly took notice and recruited the budding newcomer as a key member and intricate part of his Machinist Music imprint. Riding the waves of a solid buzz both locally and globally, reputable labels like Rubik, New World Ordio, Dsci4 and Dylan's Freak Recordings scooped up music both already released and forthcoming from the artist touted as Canada's next big producer.

Tracks like "Spile," "Just Words" and the massive hit "Headlock" have received rave reviews and given the world a glimpse at just how diverse LaVice's musical tastes and output really are.

Expect a ton of new music and exciting collaborations in the very near future. Rene LaVice - Meow 4. Rene LaVice - Dungeon Funk 5. Mutt ft. Smooth aka Luka Per presents us with tracks from his debut EP "Blinded By The Lights" as well as a selection of his favorite tracks of the moment.

Tune in, let me know in the comments what you think of this mix and as always, don't forget to subscribe and rate it even if you hate it if you've not yet done so, we just hit 80, subscribers and are just a step away from , subscribers thanks to you guys! After practicing for 3 years and later on he became more interested in guitar, also in such genres as metal, hardcore etc. When a couple of years passed by he attended his first drum n bass party and he was hooked! It was very soon after that he decided not just to love this music but also to make his own tunes.

As he researched sound more and more, he decided that his sound just wasn't good enough, so he shut himself in the studio and waited until when his improving sound was noticed by Dementia. Together with Rregula they released 'Obfuscate' on Trust in Music 12". Shaz Sparks ', 'Cosmos' and 'Cyberfunk'. With NYE out of the way and the new year started, it's time to bring you that extra pressure to blast into Sensai brings you his latest and best work in a minimix full of jump up smashers.

Tune in, let me know in the comments what you think of it and as always, don't forget to subscribe and rate it if you've not yet done so, we're just a step away from , subscribers thanks to you lot! His music has been noted as 'Outrageous! In , 'Returned' was released on Subway Soundz, followed by 'Afterlife'. Nu Urban Music described Sensai as "widely regarded as the next big thing in jump up".

Sensai - I Am The Truth 2. Sensai - Destruction 3. Sensai - Voyager 4. Sensai - Spawn 5. Sensai - Venom 6. Sensai - Returned 7. Sensai - Bad memory 8. Sensai - Virus 9. Sensai - Brainwaves. Reaching their landmark th release, this year has proven to be jam packed with quality bass music from the almighty Ram camp. Rounding off the package nicely is a bonus mix from Hamilton with all the tracks superbly blended into a rollercoaster journey through Simply this is an essential digital album for any fan of bass music. This week I'm bringing you an exclusive Ram Records' showcase of some of the best tracks in Drum and Bass of For nearly 20 years now, Ram Records has been churning out smashers and this year they reached their th release.

Still as fresh as ever, Ram has compiled a collection of 24 essential tracks of by a roster of artists including Culture Shock, Noisia, Loadstar and Sub Focus. It is out now and this mix gives you a quick preview of the album. We're just a step away from , subscribers, you can still help me get there! At the dawn of , I'm pushing as much music as I can possibly get my hands on straight to your YouTube subscription box. And for a reason, you're obviously going to need some serious tunage to get you through those long and boring Christmas days. Therefore, today I bring you Royalston.

This Sydney-based producer is one of Med School's signings and is just off releasing his latest EP "Cerulean Blue" and he's here to showcase his work, as well as what else in his music crates at the moment. Have a listen and let me know in the comments what you think of it and as always, don't forget to subscribe and like or dislike it if you've not yet done so.

We're just a step away from , subscribers, you can help me get there! With the end of the year nearing soon and everyone avoiding the cold, staying in their beds clinging to their female, male or stuffed animal counterparts, I'm bringing you some music to warm up against. This is AudioPorn's latest and greatest High Maintenance! Now he's visiting the show to bring you over half an hour worth of the biggest drum and bass tunes in his arsenal; mixing his own and label mates' work. And somehow, he seems to have gotten stuck in a spaceship just outside Earth's atmosphere.

Shortly after releasing some digital tracks in , this producer's producer began to hear his tunes on John B's podcasts; it wasn't long before he was sought after by a number of respected drum and bass labels. High Maintenance began his ascent into music at the age of thirteen with the guitar. Soon the fifteen-year-old maverick and his newly formed band began playing events in his hometown of Haywards Heath, England.

Writing tracks with the band gave him his first taste of his own musical abilities, but having to compromise on his aural vision proved frustrating. They definitely changed my life. Pushing to master all aspects of the music that he loves, he is educating himself in everything from mixing and mastering to live recording of bands to composition.

Panda presents Lynx in the mix. Emerging as a producer in , Lynx has been bringing a fresh new perspective to the drum and bass genre with funk-fuelled and minimalist beats and delicate bits of sound precisely laid down in his tracks. His track "Disco Dodo" made a huge impact on the scene as it was completely different from anything we heard before. After many singles, it's now time for an long-awaited album relase by Lynx which is "Devil is in the Detail". It's out this November and features collaborations with Noisia, Fats, Deeizm and many more.

In this mix, Lynx brings you his and friends' latest and best work in just over half an hour. Lock in and leave your appreciation for him in the comments section. Panda presents Furlonge in the mix. Classically trained from a young ago, Dom, aka Furlonge, started writing music in while attending university. After three years of production work and getting closer to graduation, and in turn the boring life of a dayjob, Furlonge decided music was to be his career.

Getting picked up by Viper's Futurebound, Furlonge got to push out his first few releases on the imprint with a great response in the scene and continues to do so now. His tracks feature influences from classical, jazz and rock music and all have a heavy colourful spark of funk and electro mixed in there. In this mix, Furlonge bring us 18 of his and friends' latest tracks, remixes and exclusives in a half-hour mix.

Leave your appreciation for him in the comments! Panda presents Mistabishi in the mix. Mistabishi, also known as Jamie Pullen, is an electronic music producer signed to Hospital since He has been active in Drum and Bass since and has been able to move swiftly into and outside of the genre at will.

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Mistabishi has been responsible for tracks sch as the popular Printer Jam, in which he used samples of a real printer to build the main melody. He has remixed artists such as Placebo and White Lies. More recently, Mistabishi has been working on a downtempo project with two fellow producers and a female singer called LOL on Non Plus records from which you can hear much at the beginning of this mix.

He's also about to release a new album which you'll hear more from soon. In this mix, Mistabishi mixes his latest and best work in 45 minutes. In , the flow of singles culminated into the launch of their debut album "Northern Soul".

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It received rave reviews across the music press with Mixmag hailing it as "exceptional" and IDJ putting it on 6 in their top albums of the year. Essentially, they've moved into their second musical phase now and they are producing tracks with more experimental and darker expressions. Lock in and leave your appreciation for them in the comments section! Panda presents Tyke. Tyke is the fresh signing to Twisted Individual's Grid Recordings. Before writing bass music, Tyke used to be a graffiti artist tagging his name all around London.

Replacing the spray can with the music sequencer at 15, while leaving home, Tyke began writing Drum and Bass tracks and after two years was picked up by Planet Phat Records' Olly who supported and guided him the way into playing at many radio stations and clubs such as Herbal in London. Now finally signed to Grid Recordings, his future seems laid out for him. In this mix, Tyke mixes 34 of his and friends' latst tracks in 1 hour. Lock in and leave your appreciation for him in the comments section! Panda presents DisasZt. One of the key founders of the Austrian Drum and Bass scene, DisasZt has spent over a decade tirelessly pushing the Austrian scene into the limelight of the world.

After 15 years, the time has come for DisasZt to step on to the stage and bring his own sound: as a producer. In this mix, DisasZt mixes 20 of his and friends' best tracks. Panda presents Ram Record's own Basher. With releases on sister label Frequency, which included Leachcraft and Speckle Frog, Basher has already showcased his high quality production skills to a huge audience. Kicking off with Xerox featuring Xtrah, the old skool Amen drums mix with a gut wrenching bass-line to create a huge underground vibe Androids follows, with a haunting intro that viciously switches into an onslaught of heavy beats and a dark bass-line that is guaranteed to rip up dance-floors the world over.

Next up is Transmission, which instantly draws you in with it's techno fuelled, old skool energy, a track that is destined to create mayhem when and wherever played and is reminiscent of Ram beats from yesteryear. Automatically drawing you in is the addictive bass-line and stunning vocal, which together produce an exquisite track of seminal magnitude. Xtrah Ultra Violet - Scripture ft. Xtrah Nevada ft. Frankee Xerox ft. Xtrah Convulsions ft. Xtrah As We Fall ft. Ms Wendy Scripture ft. Panda presents Viper Recording's own NC The duo consists of Peter who founded the group and Korosiv who joined in Inspired and taught initially by Corrupt Souls, NC has developed their own hard style of Drum and Bass with a big cinematic influence.

This comes as no surprise as Peter is a university educated film maker. Now I don't want to hear any more complaining about there being no longer mixes! Lock in and leave your appreciation for the duo in the comments section! Butcher - Grindhouse Recording 37 - NC feat. Panda presents Deejay Delta and Vaptor. Deejay Delta started in electronic music as a member of the amiga demoscene in which he wrote arcade-like music with basic computer synthesizers. After a while, his music was signed to many labels.

Now partnering up with Vaptor, the duo is ambitious as ever to push their sound to prominence. As a musician he works within the dark drum and bass genres like techstep, neurofunk. Before, he was a member of amiga demoscene - Panda presents Hectix. Hailing from Russia, this Drum and Bass producer has reached high into the scene in only a short span of time. Producing his first tracks in , his music started appearing on many Russian dance compilations.

Hectix's sound is characterized by huge epic build ups rolling into a style of funky jump up with a foundation of dark neurofunk beneath it. Click the right link the video to listen to the entire release. In this mix, Hectix brings you 13 of his latest exclusives in almost 30 minutes. Lock in and leave your appreciation for the amazing Hectix in the comments section! Heist other aliases include Strider has been established as a DJ since and started producing tracks in Continually delivering quality tunes, he has become one of the names to know in the industry and has impressed the likes of Goldie, Krust, TC, L Double and Sappo and many more.

He expertly managed to balance his ever ambitious and superbly finished production projects while sticking to his first joy of DJing, playing out across the UK and Europe to an ever increasing fan base each and every time. Panda presents Metrik. For this success, Metrik was quickly signed exclusive on Futurebound's Viper Recordings. From then on, Metrik has released an array of succesful tunes, many of which reaching high into download charts and featuring extensively on BBC Radio One and many Drum N Bass compilations.

Now Metrik is arguably at the most important phase in his musical career, as he is about to drop his debut album entitled The Departure. Out now and available from all good record stores near you. In this mix, Metrik brings you 16 of his latest exclusives in just over 30 minutes. Lock in and leave your appreciation for the illustrious Metrik in the comment section! Panda presents GeneticBros. This Russian producer just signed exclusively to Futurebound's Viper Recordings and has been making waves on the Drum N Bass scene ever since. In this artist-only Drum and Bass mix, GeneticBros blends 13 of his latest exclusives in just over 40 minutes.

Lock in and leave your appreciation for the fabulous GeneticBros in the comments!

Panda presents Deep Focus. The name Deep Focus covers his sound quite well as his music is characterized by harmonic ambient chords, with a deep bass foundation and layered up on top with sharp, crystal clear beats. Unlike many other artists, his deep ambient sound does not become a simple gimmick as over time he keeps injecting enough colourful elements in to the music to keep things fresh for his listeners.

In this artist-only Drum and Bass mix, Deep Focus blends 16 of his latest exclusives in less than 50 minutes. Lock in and leave your appreciation for Deep Focus in the comments! Panda presents Rollz. From there it quickly led to an exclusive artist signing to the illustrious Formation Records.

His music reminds of the late jump up sound with a lot of sophistication added to it. In this label-only one-hour Drum and Bass mix, Rollz blends 19 of his and Formation's latest exclusives in just over 40 minutes. Lock in and leave your appreciation for Rollz in the comments! Panda presents Blu Mar Ten. The Natural History remixes are out now and available on vinyl and mp3 from all good stores. Lock in and leave your appreciation for them in the comments! All these tracks are available to buy.

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Panda presents Ravager. He doesn't just limit himself to writing music as he performs shows around Eastern Europe and has promoted many nights in his home country.

Get to know DJ HAUS. - Stealth

His music is characterized by rapid bursts of energy framed in an apocalyptic atmospheric environment. It's not odd to hear then that his primary inspiration has always been the early Prodigy music of the nineties. Ravager is currently making waves on the scene with his tracks "The Chase" and "Extraterrestrials" which currently receives heavy airplay from major DJs around the world and his latest tracks "Murdah Dub" and "Get Satisfied" have just been signed to Direct Recordings and will be out in the coming months!

In this artist-only mix, Ravager blends 12 of his latest and forthcoming tracks in less than 32 minutes. Panda presents Implex. This Russian producer hailing from St. Implex has been writing electronic music since and has released on countless labels including Covert Operations, Formation, Fokuz and lately the more upfront Viper Recordings and Hospital's Med School label for upcoming liquid artists. Implex's tracks have done really well and have received airplay from many of Drum and Bass's biggest artists. As Implex is upcoming, his current focus is on getting his music out as much labels as possible to increase exposure for his music.

We're sure that this sensational artist-only mix will help him with that! In this artist-only mix, Implex blends 12 of his latest and forthcoming tracks in less than 43 minutes. Enei - 01 - Implex - Universal feat. Enei - 02 - Implex - Crash feat. Enei - 03 - Implex - Tricky Tricky feat. Enei - 05 - Implex - Constellation feat. Enei - 07 - Implex - Chocolate feat.

Panda presents DJ Sappo. In this artist-only mix, Sappo blends 8 of his label's latest and forthcoming tracks in less than 20 minutes. Lock in and please leave your appreciation for them in the comments! Trust me, he'll be reading it! Self taught, he was driven by a passion for beats and developed a unique style that would become his trademark. In , he began producing tracks that would be incorporated into sets across the country.

With early releases on some of the UKs most respected labels such as Flex and Intalex, influences ranging from Hip Hop to Detroit Techno and streetsoul were revealed. This, together with a deep understanding of technical engineering allowed Sappo to put together some of the most memorable tracks to emerge in the formative years of UK drum n bass including Dopeman, Ding Dong Bass and Wheel Up.


Sappo also hosted his own weekly Drum 'n' Bass show with BBC Radio 1Xtra for four years which was known as the only 4-hour national Drum N Bass show, to which he gathered a huge loyal following around the world. Panda presents Fred V and Grafix. In this artist-only mix, Fred V and Grafix blend 17 of their latest exclusive tracks in less than 40 minutes.

Trust me, they'll be reading it! Grafix originates from from Exeter in Devon and studies music production at Bath Spa University, and has been producing Drum and Bass for several years. Josh's reputation seems to be growing everyday and is recognized as one of the Southwest's leading up and coming producers. Grafix has several 12" releases set for , on labels such as Talkin' Beatz and Pristine Records.

Panda presents Bachelors of Science. The production duo from San Francisco have been on a roll ever since they started injecting their unique blend of soul and strings into the Drum 'n Bass genre. Touring the world in the last year, they have performed for their fans at the legendary Love Parade, the Ministry of Sound and many more major venues. Their new album "Warehouse Dayz" has been in the works and is now fresh off the press.

In this artist-only mix, Bachelors of Science present us an hour long showcase of their best work from old to brand-spanking new. Lock in and leave your appreciation in the comments!