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Using these links, you can navigate directly to the best softphone app for your business needs. Editor Rating: 5 stars. The RingCentral softphone application operates on Windows and Mac operating systems and provides a wide range of VoIP features for desktop or other devices. It's available in four versions — Entry, Standard, Premium and Enterprise — offering different levels of functionality to meet business needs. This softphone application provides the equivalent of a fully featured VoIP system on a desktop.

It offers high call quality and wide-ranging functionality to improve communication and collaboration.

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It includes features specifically designed for business users and can be deployed within an enterprise environment. This is an enterprise-grade softphone application that can be customized with add-ons, such as screen share or contact management, to enhance its functionality. A versatile softphone application that offers military grade encryption for users who need higher levels of security.

All versions offer a fully featured VoIP service that includes audio and video calling, as well as helpful features like online presence monitoring Presence , call recording, and integration with CRM data. The intuitive Call Panel provides quick access to functionality, and helps improve personal productivity.

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Editor Rating: 4 stars. This softphone application is completely free, saving licensing costs and reducing licensing administration. It provides a useful entry-level VoIP phone solution, although functionality may be limited, compared with paid offerings. It offers HD video and desktop sharing capabilities, plus other VoIP features that deliver secure, reliable communications on a wide variety of devices. Cisco Jabber is a business-class softphone application from a leading provider of VoIP solutions. It offers high call quality, and a wide range of communication and collaboration facilities.

Virtual Phone Systems: The 5 Best Apps to Move Your Business Phone to the Cloud

This is a business class SIP softphone application designed specifically for mobile users. It combines features business users need with intuitive features created for mobiles. Groundwire claims to be the first mobile SIP client capable of replacing a desktop phone. It offers good VoIP functionality for mobile users at an affordable price. Cricket Click Dialer has one of the coolest sales call hacks. Whenever you reach an answering machine, you can greet the person by name or remain silent if you want and simply click whichever pre-recorded voicemail message you want them to hear. You pre-record the message in your own voice and assign it to a clickable button before your campaign.

This means you can truly avoid talking during some of your sales calls with Cricket Click Dialer, yet still have your message heard. Bottom line: If you are using any kind of CRM software, then this is the best softphone to use. Clicking to dial from your CRM contact list will truly make your sales and follow up calls a total breeze. Exactly what you want, right? Watch a video on Cricket. Free Trial : No free trial necessary since Skype is free.

Skype will charge you money for calling residential, business, and international phone numbers.

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General features include : Free voice and video calls to other Skype users, click to call Windows only , your own inbound Skype number, instant messaging, video messaging, send files, and screen sharing. Add-on features : Many free and paid add-ons are available. However, Skype throws advertisements in your face which covers a good chunk of real estate on your computer and mobile screen — but they do help keep Skype free. Many of the add-ons are great but many are unnecessary for business purposes.

Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do about this. Overall, this is a good softphone because it includes its own VoIP service so you can make free voice and video calls — but only to other Skype users. Watch a video on Skype. General features include : Voice and video calling, instant messaging, chat rooms, presence, contact management including groups, and a clean interface.

This sounds great, but there are actually plenty of other screen share applications that can be found on the Internet absolutely free. There is no live customer support either. Instead, if you have questions, you must rely on other Bria users to help you or wait for an official response from a Bria representative via forums. This is definitely a major downside for technical and especially non-technical users.

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Voicemails, missed calls, audio device selection and volume adjustment are easily accessible. Bria also gives you the option of having a detachable window for contacts in case you need to call a long list of people while still being able to view the dial keypad. Incoming call pop ups are simple and easy to use, however the accompanying sound notifications might be unpleasant to hear to some people.

Lastly, VoIP service is not included with Bria softphone so you must find and pay extra for a VoIP service subscription with a local service provider to use Bria. Watch a video on Bria. The softphone mirrors the display of a mobile smartphone and is easy to navigate. Free Trial : Yes, however the free trial is very limited on features. You need to purchase the Standard or Pro Edition in order to try the complete softphone.

General features include : Voice and video calling, instant messaging, presence, voicemail, contact management, call history, call forwarding, voicemail greetings based on agent status, and a decent looking interface. Add-on features : At an extra cost, you can integrate this softphone with a few choice CRMs, and you can access features useful for call and contact centers. Limited customer support is provided by email or phone. Should you require extra help, C3X will charge you by the hour.

Sending instant messages and conference calls is simple to do. Call forwarding is customizable. One downside is that in order to use more advanced features for call centers, you are required to upgrade from Standard to Pro Edition at an additional cost. If you want to integrate it with any CRM, again, you must pay to upgrade to the Pro edition.

Watch a video on C3XPhone. General features include : Voice calls, contact management, conversation encryption, fax, click to dial, call history. Customers love our award winning dial plan editor and mobile accessibility. Read more about Jive Voice. Learn more Add to compare Compare Remove app. Learn more Compare. Talkdesk browser based call center software works seamlessly over VoIP. Read more about Talkdesk. RingCentral Office integrates phone, video, meetings, and messaging in one reliable, easy-to-use solution.

Read more about RingCentral. RingCentral Office. Designed to give you a flexible, mobile, and powerful cloud phone system. Experience HD-quality web, audio, and video, along with one-click functionality and webinar capabilities with RingCentral Meetings. Promote collaboration with team messaging, unlimited SMS, and more. Read more about RingCentral Office. Dialpad Talk is a VoIP phone system providing direct integrations with popular apps, high call quality and real-time activity syncing across all devices to more than 50, of the worlds most innovative businesses.

How to Set Up and Use VoIP on Your Mac

Read more about Dialpad. Hosted internet-based business phone communications. Read more about FluentStream. Kixie is the fastest way to make more sales calls. Kixie PowerCall is a powerful sales dialer with local presence dialing, intelligent CRM integration, and enterprise phone service all in one. Read more about Kixie.

Get a quality VoIP phone system that runs in your browser and can be set up in minutes. Read more about Phone. Ytel Platform. Great for lead gen and companies with advanced outbound calling and texting needs.

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Read more about Ytel Platform. Ring4 provides companies and individuals with a lightweight voip cloud solution to manage phone lines as simply as they manage emails.