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While the Anova analysis may seem complicated — and it probably is — activating this feature in Excel requires only a couple clicks of the mouse once your data has been arranged properly in an Excel worksheet. Type your data into the workbook, entering each set of data in its own column.

For example, if you were testing two new medications the results of each medication would be placed in its own column. An Anova Single Factor analysis could then be performed on these two sets of data. Arrange the data to take into consideration a second variable if you have one in your data. For example, if the gender of each subject was known, the data in both columns would have to be arranged by gender. You would then add a third column showing the sex of each subject beside the data. Note that the second variable cannot be mixed in these columns when using Anova.

If you had ten male and ten female subjects, for example, the first ten rows would have to be of one gender and the second ten of the other gender.

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The number of males and females must also be the same if you plan to use Anova analysis with replication. A value of one is an absolute correlation, indicating that the values are exactly the same. The closer to one the correlation value, the stronger the correlation. Regression is one of the most commonly used statistical tests in industry, and Excel packs a surprising amount of power for this calculation.

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Click Data Analysis and select Regression. You need to be careful when filling out the input range boxes this time.

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The Input Y Range box should contain your single dependent variable. The Input X Range box can include multiple independent variables. As you can see, the P-value for weight is greater than 0. The P-value for salt, however, is below 0. Once you have used one of the new tools, you will want them all.


Become a master of your data analysis with power tools! Read More for this analysis. Learn how to generate your first Microsoft Power Query Script.

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Here's how to import your Excel data into a Python script using Pandas! Explore more about: Microsoft Excel , Spreadsheet.

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