Recording text to speech mac os x

Copy the text you want to record. You can copy text from any source or type the text directly into the text box. Paste the text in the blue box.

Recording your Mac’s voice

With the from From Text To Speech website open in a web browser, click the blue box and paste your text. You can type or paste up to 50, characters in the text box. Select a language. Use the drop-down menu labeled "Select Language" to select the language that matches the language of your text.

Changing the language will not translate your written text—this only changes the way the words are pronounced according to each language. Select a voice. Use the drop-down menu labeled "Select Voice" to select a voice. It's also below the text box. There are three female and two male voice.

They each have a different name. Select a speed. Use the drop-down menu labeled "Select speed" to select the speed the voice speaks. It's below the "Select Language" drop-down menu. Speeds include slow, medium, fast, and very fast. Click Create Audio File. It's the blue button below the drop-down menus. It takes a minute for the website to process the audio file. It displays an estimated time it takes at the top of the website. Click Download audio file. Depending on your browser and settings, this might playback the audio file directly in your web browser. If you like how the audio file sounds, click the back arrow to go back to the "Download audio file" link.

Text to speech mac

To download the audio file to your computer, right-click the link and click "Save link as" or "Save target as. Method 2. You can use any web browser on your Windows or Mac computer. It's the red button below the title on the front page.

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Paste the text in the white box. Select a voice and language. Use the blue drop-down menu at the top-right of the Configuration section to select a voice and language. Next to each voice name it says what language they speak and if they are male or female. Make sure you select the language that matches your written text because changing the language will not translate the text, only change the pronunciation.

Add background music optional. A nice feature of Text To MP3 is the ability to add background music. Then you can select the voice and listen to what the recording will sound like. This recording is in. But it would still take quite a while to make a large batch of sound files using that method.

Mac Speech to Text: The Basics, and Some PRO TIPS!

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