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For last few years, playing games on a Mac was almost impossible; Windows users used to have fun about playing games on a Mac. So it was not a perfect PC for game lovers, especially if they used to think beyond Football Manager. But, now things are changing.

Many big games are coming on Mac. It now became easier to find top game titles on Mac, and to some extent, it has decreased the sales of PC. However, if you are a Mac lover because of its sleek design, smooth performance and other high-end features and now want to have excellent gaming experience, then you must be thinking what Mac is good for gaming? Well, we are going to discuss that in detail. See also- How to Master reset a Mac to its original factory settings.

To play the latest and heavy video games, first you have to know the name of the best Mac for gaming, and it depends on few things such as the processor performance and graphics. Given its low price, that makes it well worth considering. Every generation, Nvidia releases its flagship model, then a second, steroid-enhanced version of it, with high pricing that is really only something the most enthusiastic PC users will consider. The RTX Ti is now the absolute fastest graphics card on the planet — 4, Cuda cores, almost double the ray tracing hardware of the vanilla RTX and almost double the graphics processing power.

This card alone costs more than the average mid-range PC though, but with some serious hardware behind it, the investment could be well worth considering, including for designers whose workstation doubles up as a gaming PC — as Cuda and OpenCL performance has leapt forward along with gaming performance. Depending on the tools you use, AMD cards may offer better performance.

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While the 8GB Quadro RTX at number 7 is the best all-round affordable choice, the 16GB Quadro RTX packs in a lot more performance, and is aimed at ultra high-end users, willing to pay serious bucks for serious performance levels. And prices have dropped since the RTX was released. That might make it a better value purchase, given that it comes close to the RTX in performance.

In time, you might miss these features by not choosing the latest generation of GeForce cards now, but if your budget is restricted, going down this route will certainly mean superb gaming and rendering performance for now, including at 4K resolution. Choosing the AMD option in gaming graphics cards often is about getting better value for your money, which explains why the the AMD Radeon RX is one of the best cards for gamers on a tight budget.

With only 4GB of memory, it might struggle at resolutions beyond p, but this tier of cards is about solid frame rates at HD resolution anyway, rather than 4K. There are some basic things to be considered when shopping around. A higher resolution you are working at or gaming needs more memory.

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If you intend to work with 4K resolution either on your screen or with larger textures, you need a graphics card with more memory. Expect the Nvidia series cards to make short work of 60fps, 4K gaming, or fps, FullHD p gaming. The number of cores really determines the overall rendering power of the card. Similar to the Turbo mode on Intel CPUs, when a graphics card is under heavy load it will run at a higher clock speed for better performance, until it hits a predetermined maximum, which is in place to avoid overheating. All modern graphics cards use digital video outputs only, either HDMI or DisplayPort which may be either a small square-ish miniDP connector or a big D-shaped connector.

For 4K or 5K displays, all graphics cards now support at least the DisplayPort 1. When 8K displays finally become more realistically affordable, this same problem will rear its head again.

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The chart below is a rough guide to commonly asked about applications. There are some applications that seem graphically intensive that do not make much use of the GPU, some can make use of the GPU with certain plug-ins installed, and even those with native GPU support do not use the GPU for all functions.

Integrated vs discrete GPUs

Doing research on your own is important. We here at MacVidCards do not work in production ourselves so while we know the broad strokes we are not experts in most applications.

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Utilizes GPU for certain real time playback effects only. Utilizes GPU for certain real time playback effects only Some renderers ex. Octane Render can enable GPU rendering.