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Think file damage with that new file system — danger, Will Robinson. Reason 9. This means that Propellerhead products before Reason 9. Using High Sierra may in some cases even damage your documents, rendering them unusable. We strongly recommend you NOT to upgrade to High Sierra if you intend to use earlier versions of Propellerhead products on your computer. Traktor Pro has an update now in beta; 2. There are updates, and then there are updates. There are the updates that give you a bunch of new functionality — marketing tends to love these.

And then there are the ones that just make a big slog through feature requests. But wow, does it ever add a long list of improvements users wanted. The biggest banner feature here is real-time slicing. Crucially, clicks at the ends of slices are removed. Okay, if you have a clicky track you want to finish, do it now before updating? Useful most of the time, though. Result: polyrhythms. Good times. And there are new options for exporting — including splitting audio by Scenes, which should be useful for starting an idea in Maschine and finishing it in a DAW.

Export settings have generally been improved, including lossless options. Komplete Kontrol integration gets reworked here, too. That means you can make Maschine a useful host and performance tool, or just have it ready to go in the studio, because you can call up all your favorite settings right away. There are also a ton of fixes in this release. Quality, quality, quality — just little various details are now fixed in terms of what shows up on the screen, how you get from one point to another, and erasing little glitches. There are MIDI fixes.

iDell 8300, OS X Mavericks 10.9.1, RME RayDAT w/ Steinberg UR824, Pro Tools 10.3.8 success.

There are drum synth improvements. Reading the changelog is actually sort of fun. Native Instruments is still set on the idea of supporting its NKS format for control of third-party plug-ins, and turning both Komplete Kontrol and Maschine into a layer of consistency you use with not only NI software, but other software, too. Whether that catches on remains to be seen. But for Maschine users, this is a must-have tweak — one that does a lot of little things that could have you making music faster. And, seriously, slicing. Anywhere slicing gets better is great. The post Maschine adds real-time slicing and other stuff you asked for appeared first on cdm createdigitalmusic.

The iPad has matured into a serious musical instrument and production tool.

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So it only makes sense to give it a serious audio interface. MOTU announced this week their mobile interface is class-compliant, which means you can use it with the iPad. And for live gigs, you have everything you need to capture shows. MOTU also packs their interfaces with extras, and the MicroBook inherits those features from its bigger siblings. There are instrument tuner and analysis tools, including FFT display and oscilloscope. All of that means this is more or less an all-in-one mobile toolkit, and you can pass off duties here to an iPad even if your laptop and another interface are busy in the show.

And what audio interface are you using? Let us know in comments. You know the drill. It breaks some music software. I could almost turn it into a Mad Libs post. But here are the specifics. What breaks: plug-ins, mainly. Check hardware, too. Their hardware is fine, but not with all the integration features. Back in my day, Apple never used to have OS upgrade quality issues. Why have they abandoned pros? Ah, too true. Will this get fixed? Yes, and if past OS updates are any indication, reasonably quickly.

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  • Just sit tight. Why Shatner? Also, spoiler alert: Kirk falls. I mean, uh, make sure you have a backup before you upgrade. Backup first. Make a backup first. More than any recent release I can recall, Ableton Live 9. The software enters a very stable, in my experience public beta this week. You want to warp techno and house without headaches. This one was especially maddening: you drop a completely regular, four on the floor, bpm track into Live, and get … a whole bunch of complicated warp markers and tempo changes?

    You wish warped tracks sounded better. You want better latency compensation. Previously, adding automation could through off latency compensation for devices. You play an instrument, and forgot a tuner. Yep, I think we had a whole article about this, so thanks! You want to play pads on your whole Push, not a little corner of it. So a pad grid is a small corner of the controller.

    Now, you can switch between these two modes. Novation has actually made the lack of a step sequencer on their Launchpad Pro a selling point for this very reason. What else? Thank you for this one, too. I think if you can understand what this combination of words means, you were annoyed by this just like me! But it also breaks backwards compatibility.

    Live 9. I think this is mainly an issue on the Mac side; Windows users, the recent Windows updates have been really solid and appear to run everything. My advice: consider that system one that you maintain with the current combination of OSes, drivers, and applications. If you want the new stuff, do that on a new system. Plus a bunch of hardware controller fixes. Push is vastly improved in a lot of little ways.

    Speaking of controller support, Ableton has lavished attention on their flagship controller. Finally: better aftertouch, the ability to use the ribbon as a mod wheel, and more control over parameters with the encoders. Added 64 Pad Drum Rack mode for Push. Improved buttons readability on Push. The Repeat and Metronome buttons now blink if active. This caused the very first note in the Clip not to be played back at all. There are loads of improvements for those two groups.

    Players of the monome starting, notably, with Daedelus developed styles built around the sort of flatness of the controller grid. Sometimes, that led to edgy, in-your-face beats, and sometimes it simply allowed subtlety to come from varying volume levels in a chopped up samples.

    But here, Zach is able to play fairly aggressively, but with swells that come from his actual playing. No double-blind test to try that out. As such, it also sounds a lot more like an MPC performance. I still have some personal resistance to playing Push myself, I think because I grew up playing the piano, but it can work. And Zach flies in the face of the belief that Americans in Berlin just make sound-alike dark techno. Check out his EP. Nice to remember again, as always, that all these little fixes and tweaks and software updates do eventually serve the purpose of making music.

    We are all of us in a dance between engineering and art. The post Live 9. OS X Yosemite The normal advice applies. Hint: not in the dressing room before a gig. But in this case, if you are trying out OS X Yosemite for other reasons — or investing in a new Apple computer the MacBook Pros are especially nicely priced at the moment — you may be pleasantly surprised that there a few issues. The lag in testing and compatibility is measured in days or weeks rather than months.

    This is what maturity looks like. Maybe some of that agony we went through in the past has paid dividends. The only area of concern at the moment backup, backup, always backup is wifi. For music, meanwhile, the main issues seem to be Avid. What once was the center of the industry these days seems out of pace; for many, many producers, the question of whether Avid is ready for an OS update has become a non-issue. There are some other glitches here and there, though. Sweetwater has a great update guide, receiving regular updates — definitely read this before updating and thanks, Sweetwater, for saving the rest of us the work.

    Yosemite: Mac OS X There are some advantages if you do update, though, apart from the general improvements in Yosemite. One enhancement developers are beginning to explore: MIDI over wireless, via Bluetooth, as seen recently on Synthtopia. At the very least, there is already an instrument tuner available as a sidebar widget.

    Fixes regression where matrix initialization fails without convolution filter. Oct 24 HQPlayer Embedded 4. Added volume control to the front page. Oct 14 HQPlayer Embedded 4. Display active cover art on front page. Built in configuration help pages. Support for DSD Bug fixes. Bootable image is now dual-use and contains also NAA functionality.

    Oct 2 HQPlayer Desktop 3. Option for extracting embedded cover art when detached cover art is missing. Small user interface improvements. On Linux this is first release built for Ubuntu Menu options for removing license key and clearing data. Number of bug fixes. Sep 27 HQPlayer Embedded 4. Library contents are now displayed on the library page with controls to play or queue an album. Front page now has basic playback controls. Improved library performance and fix for cover image retrival through control API. Sep 17 HQPlayer Embedded 4. Released only as bootable image; experimental support for USB input.

    Sep 12 HQPlayer Embedded 4. Two new filters, poly-sinc-ext2 with special two stage design for SDM output mode and sinc-M one million tap sinc-filter. Old "sinc" filter has been renamed to more descriptive "ASRC".

    Mac OS Sierra - Pro Audio Compatibility Update | Pro Tools

    New control interface methods to switch between time display modes. Sep 11 HQPlayer Desktop 3. Two new filters, poly-sinc-ext2 with special two stage design for SDM output and sinc-M one million tap sinc-filter. Aug 29 HQPlayer Embedded 4. Fixes for convolution and matrix configuration handling. Aug 28 HQPlayer Embedded 4. Also includes bug fixes and updated GPU support. Aug 22 HQPlayer Desktop 3. Updated GPU support and some other minor updates. Jul 28 HQPlayer Desktop 3. Improved search with track names. Jul 4 HQPlayer Desktop 3. Improved usability of touch interface for mouse use with view flick zones on edges and scroll bar on the cover flow, all together with a small facelift.

    Setting multicore DSP to enabled now goes full-on with all cores allowing small experimental tuning versus core allocation of auto-mode when operating on the edge of CPU capabilities. Linux version now contains various performance optimizations for lower CPU load. Jun 28 HQPlayer Embedded 4. Setting multicore DSP to enabled now goes full-on with all cores while auto setting calculates more adaptive work distribution strategy. Ubuntu package now contains some extra optimizations.

    Number of bug fixes and minor improvements. Jun 28 Network Audio Daemon 3. Small fixes and performance improvements. Images have also been updated with new drivers. Both touch and desktop interface can now be kept visible simultaneously when full-screen mode is disabled. CUDA framework update to version 9. Various performance optimizations and tunings. Apr 23 HQPlayer Embedded 4.

    Separate filter selection for sources at 1x rates and higher rates. Small networking optimizations for NAA. Web interface improvements; matrix setup, password change, log view, etc. Modulator tunings and number of bug fixes. Mar 9 HQPlayer Embedded 4. Mar 7 HQPlayer Desktop 3. Small bug fixes and performance optimizations.

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    Feb 14 HQPlayer Desktop 3. Small user interface tweaks, support for date metadata for remote control applications, update "invisible" metadata on rescan and number of bug fixes. Jan 9 HQPlayer Desktop 3. Fixes regression with certain types of impulse response WAV files for convolution engine. Adds more metadata fields to the library data for control API purposes. Dec 28 HQPlayer Desktop 3. Fixes and improvements in the control API.

    CUDA updates and tunings, now it is also possible to offload only convolution engine. Other small improvements and fixes. Dec 3 HQPlayer Desktop 3. Fixes regression on handling bit floating point WAV files. Also fixes closed-form filter misbehavior on certain GPU configurations Ti. Nov 26 If you missed the Black Friday sale, there's a second opportunity on Cyber Monday with coupon code "cyber17"!

    Nov 25 HQPlayer Desktop 3. Split HQPlayer configuration and library into separate files making it easier to switch configurations without affecting library. Plus usual smaller fixes and improvements. Nov 1 HQPlayer Desktop 3. Fixes to new control API functions. Oct 18 Network Audio Daemon 3. Small fixes and improvements. Oct 14 HQPlayer Desktop 3.

    Fixes minimum phase filter initialization problem on Windows. Small improvements. Sep 29 HQPlayer Desktop 3. Extended control API functionality, updates, optimizations and bug fixes. Aug 17 HQPlayer Desktop 3. Due to crashes with latest Win10 updates, license management module has been replaced on Windows version, old license keys can be converted to a new key file format. Number of small fixes and improvements on all platforms.

    May 15 HQPlayer Desktop 3. Fixes playlist management regression from 3. May 14 HQPlayer Embedded 4. First beta release of HQPlayer Embedded 4. New features include: Same control interface as already provided by HQPlayer Desktop, so existing control applications can be used. Multiple input devices are supported. There is also a new mobile device compatible web-based control and configuration interface. May 11 HQPlayer Desktop 3. Plus various minor changes. Apr 10 HQPlayer Desktop 3.

    Further improved multi-core CPU support and number of small fixes and improvements. Apr 9 Network Audio Daemon 3. Mar 16 HQPlayer Desktop 3. Reliability and performance improvements. Mar 1 Network Audio Daemon 3. Feb 26 HQPlayer Desktop 3. Bug fixes and performance improvements. Also a new option in control interface to select transport type.

    Jan 24 HQPlayer Desktop 3. New poly-sinc-xtr "extreme" filters, update for Linux package forward compatibility, updates and fixes to the control protocol, number of smaller fixes and improvements. Dec 8 Network Audio Daemon 3. Minor improvements and fixes. Some small fixes and optimizations to convolution engine initialization. Also fixes a timing problem in CUDA algorithm initialization.

    Fixes seeking problems, adds double-click-to-play on cover flow, optimizes GPU memory usage. Fixes handling of certain multichannel FLACs. Also fixes loading of certain types of WAV files on Windows. Oct 9 HQPlayer Desktop 3. Changes logic when loading items from the library; single click loads item and double click also immediately starts playback of the loaded item.

    Cleans up metadata with extra whitespaces on import. Added minimum-phase variant for two filters. Hardware requirements bumped up. Lot of bugfixes and other improvements. Improves reliability on DAC reconnect and hot-plug cases when used together with latest networkaudiod. Simplifies CD reading algorithm for better compatibility with certain drives. Also contains other small fixes. Mar 9 Network Audio Daemon 3. This is a bugfix release, fixing various small issues.

    Multichannel speaker distance adjustments are now available also in DirectSDM mode. New set of keyboard shortcuts reflecting the function button layout on Apple keyboards. Automatic output mode and rate switching. Plus usual performance improvements and bug fixes. Support for Roon as control interface and media source.

    Added support for cross-application raw streams and extensions to the remote control API. Various smaller fixes and optimizations. Adds closed-form-fast interpolation variant for lower CPU load.

    How to Install macOS 10.14 Mojave on an Unsupported Mac

    Fixes issue with closed-form interpolation when used with non-pipeline SDM. Fixes incompatibility issue on some bit Windows sytems. Number of smaller bug fixes. Embedded version now has option to set fixed output volume level and fixes occasional race condition with track advance. Closed form interpolator added and some bug fixes. Modulator tuning for ASDM7 and one new filter.

    Track number metadata is now used for sorting tracks. Plus usual small fixes and improvements. Aug 18 HQPlayer Desktop 3. Transport state persistence over restarts and some bug fixes. Aug 12 Network Audio Daemon 3.

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    Fixes a problem with playlist clear operation. Plus number of smaller fixes and reworks such as changes to the ASIO backend. This is a bugfix release. Desktop version also includes a preliminary remote control interface. New adaptive seventh-order modulator, new file access method on platforms except bit Windows. Traditional search function now available also on desktop mode. Plus usual small bug fixes, improvements and optimizations. This is a bugfix release with some minor optimizations. Support for new NAAv3 new functionality. Also some modulator tuning.

    Plus overall fixes and improvements. Jan 6 Network Audio Daemon 3. Dec 6 HQPlayer Desktop 3. Nov 11 HQPlayer Desktop 3. This is a bug fix release. The bit Lite version for Windows has been discontinued and replaced with normal version. HQPlayer Embedded 3. Nov 3 HQPlayer Desktop 3.

    Also number other smaller improvements and fixes. Sep 27 HQPlayer Desktop 3. Bugfix release. Also adds album art to the desktop mode. Sep 4 HQPlayer Desktop 3. Possibility to switch backends from the Settings dialog on all platforms. Redesigned "-2s" oversampling filters now offering equivalent technical performance compared to "non-2s" versions. Modulator tuning, especially for highest SDM rates.

    Number of smaller changes and improvements. Jun 2 HQPlayer Desktop 3. Fixes playlist editing regression. This problem existed only in Windows version. Apr 23 HQPlayer Desktop 3. Minor fixes and improvements. A released! This is an open hardware design optimized for use with high order modulators of HQPlayer. Feb 16 HQPlayer Desktop 3. New HF expansion and IR gain estimation algorithms for convolution engine. First release for SolidRun CuBox-i computer. Lot of bug fixes and performance improvements. Dec 17 HQPlayer Desktop 3. HTTP streaming for all the supported formats.

    Two new delta-sigma modulators optimized for x and faster output rates. The "DSD5" modulator is now rate-adaptive. Touch mode GUI usability improvements. Performance improvements and bug fixes. Oct 10 HQPlayer Desktop 3. Switched to use bit floating point arithmetic in certain selected points because bit was running out of precision.

    Oct 9 Network Audio Daemon 2. Oct 3 HQPlayer Desktop 3. Fixes regression introduced with optimizations in 3. Fixes to some DSD content playback cases. Improvements in metadata handling. Sep 17 HQPlayer Desktop 3. Sep 17 Network Audio Daemon 2. Fixes problems with dual-wire DoP mode. Adds a set of lighter weight oversampling filters for high oversampling ratios.

    Also includes some fine tuning of delta-sigma modulators. Fixes a problem with certain multichannel files, namely DSF with 5. Sep 4 Network Audio Daemon 2. Fixes a problem when DHCP server is slow to respond. Aug 27 Network Audio Daemon 2. Fixes a start-up problem. Also includes some minor adjustments. Jul 7 Network Audio Daemon 2. Fixes a timing problem, causing failures to start playback.

    Jul 7 HQPlayer Desktop 3. Adds support for bit floating point WAV, mostly used for convolution filters with applications like Acourate. Some small fixes and fullscreen mode improvements. Jun 12 WebShop is now open again with upgrade option from version 2. May 31 HQPlayer Desktop 3. Adds a new alternative touch optimized full-screen GUI with cover art, especially for Windows 8 tablets and touch screens. Support Network Audio Adapter protocol version 2. Various smaller improvements.

    May 31 Network Audio Daemon 2. New improved protocol with special optimizations for streaming DSD content. May 5 HQPlayer Desktop 2. Fixes some GUI logic regressions and some other minor bugs. Mar 19 HQPlayer Desktop 2. Redesigned DSD7 modulator plus number of fixes and improvements in various different areas. Mar 3 HQPlayer Desktop 2. Some fine tuning of DSD7 modulator. Number of small fixes. Jan 5 HQPlayer Desktop 2. Fixes a 2. Dec 9 HQPlayer Desktop 2. Significant performance and small quality improvement in the poly-sinc down-sampling algorithm.

    Two new delta-sigma modulator variants. The "dual-wire" DoP 1. Nov 8 HQPlayer Desktop 2. Oct 3 Network Audio Daemon 1. Performance optimizations to minimize CPU load. Oct 1 HQPlayer Desktop 2. Optional high frequency expansion algorithm for the convolution engine. Improved parallelization for multi-core processors. Initial support for Windows 8. Many small usability improvements. Sep 9 Network Audio Daemon 1. Mostly rewritten ALSA backend, some fixes and improvements. Non-decimating convolution engine for DSD content processing at native rate! Fixed some possible crash cases.

    Fix for a possible crash and rework of ALSA back-end to support wider range of audio hardware. Engine updated to match Desktop version plus some control GUI changes and improvements. Aug 20 HQPlayer Desktop 2. Improved volume control for DSD content. Fixed a playlist loading issue with certain M3U8 format playlists. Option to ignore all warnings about certain complex conversion ratios. Jun 20 HQPlayer Desktop 2.

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    Rewritten minringFIR filter, now available also as oversampling filter in the delta-sigma modulator. Button to invert absolute phase. Number of other fixes and improvements. Unicode fix and various other smaller fixes in HQPlayer. Apr 22 HQPlayer Desktop 2.

    Also includes various fixes. For other changes, see earlier beta announcements. Apr 5 HQPlayer Desktop 2. Multi-room support with Network Audio Adapters. One second pre-playback mute to give slow update rate PLLs time to properly acquire lock. Optimizations to reduce CPU load, memory use and to improve cache performance.

    Also reduced initialization times. Lot of fixes, reworks and improvements, software component updates. Feb 28 HQPlayer Desktop 2. Also improved overload handling for the delta-sigma modulator. Feb 21 HQPlayer Desktop 2. Number of optimizations and small UI logic improvements. Updated manual to match new functionality.

    Feb 7 HQPlayer Desktop 2. General improvements in delta-sigma modulator. Also CD playback has been fixed. Feb 6 Network Audio Daemon 1. Some new startup options and init script fixes.